Market Timing Calls

Alex’s Market Timing Calls Market┬ádirection plays an important role in individual stock’s price performance. When the market is trending upwards, your stocks have much higher chance of upward price movement and vice versa. Therefore, I feel it is imperative to determine market┬ádirection before you put your money to work. Table on the right is┬ámy market […]

Portfolio Picks

Alex’s Portfolio Summary Portfolio 1  Current Values as of 4/30/2007 Investment $19,787.20 Equity $26,886.29 Buying Power $0.00 Net $7,099.09 Cash $0.00 Total Value $26,886.29 Margin $15,034.71 Gain / Loss % 35.87% Winners / Losers Winners Losers Total Percent Winners Long Positions (Current) 5 5 10 50% Short Positions (Current) 0 0 0 0% All Positions […]