Market Timing Calls

Alex’s Market Timing Calls Market direction plays an important role in individual stock’s price performance. When the market is trending upwards, your stocks have much higher chance of upward price movement and vice versa. Therefore, I feel it is imperative to determine market direction before you put your money to work. Table on the right is my market […]

Portfolio Picks

Alex’s Portfolio Summary Portfolio 1  Current Values as of 4/30/2007 Investment $19,787.20 Equity $26,886.29 Buying Power $0.00 Net $7,099.09 Cash $0.00 Total Value $26,886.29 Margin $15,034.71 Gain / Loss % 35.87% Winners / Losers Winners Losers Total Percent Winners Long Positions (Current) 5 5 10 50% Short Positions (Current) 0 0 0 0% All Positions […]