Bond Investment 101

Investing in bonds provides necessary stability to a conservative portfolio. However, bond investing doesn’t have to be only about risk avoidance. Successful market experts such as Bill Gross have a long history of investing in bonds to make money rather than to avoid losing money. Much like stock investors rely on some basic concepts, bond […]

Are You Diversified?

Being diversified is much more difficult than spreading money among several financial advisors or a few different investments. Good diversification is like a painting. Although many different hues of paint are used, each color is deliberately placed to contribute to the congruent final product. To be well-diversified requires an investor to examine their goals, how […]

Portfolio Picks

Alex’s Portfolio Summary Portfolio 1  Current Values as of 4/30/2007 Investment $19,787.20 Equity $26,886.29 Buying Power $0.00 Net $7,099.09 Cash $0.00 Total Value $26,886.29 Margin $15,034.71 Gain / Loss % 35.87% Winners / Losers Winners Losers Total Percent Winners Long Positions (Current) 5 5 10 50% Short Positions (Current) 0 0 0 0% All Positions […]